Counselling Level 4 Diploma students present Research Conference 2022

by india

Here at Stockport College we believe in encouraging our peers to push themselves and share their knowledge with others.

Recently our Level 4 Diploma Counselling department organised their very own conference for their peers to enable them to share research topics and give insight into the different areas of counselling to inform each-others learning and perspectives.

We spoke to student and staff member Shanaz Aktar who helped to lead the organisation of the conference.

“As a student I was involved in working with my peers to organise the event for our specified day.

All Level 4 students are expected to complete a research project of their choice as part of the assessment process – normally this would then be presented in class, this year, it was decided to put on a conference instead – so students could decide themselves how to showcase their work.

This was great as everyone came up with innovative and exciting ideas of what to do – there was a mix of presentations, activities, demonstrations, and even a competition.

This helped to ease any anxiety and we were all able to support each other. Overall, the conference took place over 4 days and each one was a success and fully enjoyed by all who attended and all those who were involved. It has been a transformative experience and helped support independent learning and to showcase a whole new range of innovative skills.”

Student Beth White – Stress and Gardening

“I found the atmosphere on the day to be relaxed, fun and inspiring.  I really enjoyed talking to people about my research.”

Carolyn Leith – Student
Student Milly Peel – Equine Assisted Therapy
Student Helen Jennings – The Emotional Impact of Pet Bereavement

Across the conference, many topics were explored through a variety of research including presentation topics below and various research displays.

  • Shanaz Akhtar – Exploring Awareness of Racial Attitudes with Trainee Counsellors
  • Jules Moorcroft – Humour in Counselling
  • Milly Peel – Equine Assisted Therapy
  • Gemma Murphy – Emotional Wellbeing of mums with twins
  • Joe Platt – The Effect of Fees on Counsellor Selection
  • Beth White – Stress and Gardening
  • Helen Jennings – The Emotional Impact of Pet Bereavement

Student Jules Moorcroft presented her research around humour in counselling, she said “I enjoyed presenting my findings and passing on the knowledge I had learnt. I liked the conference as it allowed people the freedom to ‘present’ in a way they felt comfortable, and this created a dynamic conference. Not only did it give me knowledge from other people’s research but gave me confidence in my ability to present. It also helped me with cohesion with my colleagues – gave me an insight into them and what drives, motivates and interests them.”

We spoke to the students about the Counselling course and how they have found studying so far:

“It’s been life-changing for me – the counselling course is challenging in many ways but extremely rewarding.”

“I think I would give the course a 9/10 for enjoyment.  It is an enjoyable and well-run course.”

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