What Our Employers Say

What Our Employers Say

“We offer industry placements to help Bruntwood get ahead of the game in developing future talent and to give a student hands-on experience and to help them with their future career. I did wonder how I could fit it in running fifteen jobs and supporting Alexandrea at the same time, but she has really brought a lot to the company and it won’t be the same when she goes. ”

Adam Wollinski Mechanical Product

“Working with TCG and T Level students has been an absolute pleasure! Our Workplace Co-Ordinator made the whole process incredibly seamless and enabled us to have great involvement with the students from the start. On our initial meeting we were all so impressed with each student, making the decision so difficult, but we are really looking forward to welcoming our placement to our project.

Christina Nichols - Regional Social Value and Stakeholder Manager UK North

“It’s been a real pleasure working with TCG and the T Level team at Stockport College. The level of communication between us has been fantastic and the students are clearly very well supported and nurtured. We were very impressed with the attitude, presentation and engagement of each student and so impressed that we ended up supporting more placements than we had planned.”

Becky Larner - Social Value Co-Ordinator

“T-Levels were introduced to The Christie Hospital in 2021, we placed a student Lewis in our Digital tech bar.  From the offset Lewis had a phenomenal impact on myself and his colleagues. For someone so young, he has a wise head on his shoulders. The support and excellence in Customer Service provided by Lewis to the trust userbase, cannot be understated. Lewis has impressed to such an extent and prior to commencement of the 2nd year, the trust interviewed and subsequently offered Lewis a permanent position within our 1st line tech support team as part of Digital’s tech bar. Lewis will be a permanent member of staff at The Christie, following his T-Level qualification”

Glen Ferriss – Career Development Practitioner