Work Experience

We work with a variety of employers across Greater Manchester who provide placements for students to gain experience in their chosen field and develop practical skills which are hard to gain in the classroom.

Work experience is vital to young people as it provides them with real-life experiences within the workplace.

They will gain:


Experience in the workplace and insight into jobs and sectors that they have an interest in


Increased confidence, social and employability skills

CV Building Skills

Experience to build their CVs, gain networking opportunities and gain an understanding of how recruitment works


Opportunities to progress onto paid employment with the company

Gain Skills

Gain skills from the on-the-job training which they may not get while studying.

For employers, offering work experience is beneficial for several reasons:

Fresh Ideas

Young people offer fresh ideas and ways of thinking and can help with connecting with the next generation

Improved Management Skills

Providing training and development helps improve management skills within the company

Positive Atmosphere

Young people are eager to learn and passionate about the workplace which can help provide a positive atmosphere for other staff

More Support

Take on more staff to support the growth of the business as well as allow for internal promotions and growth

Recruitment Opportunities

Allows recruitment opportunities to build pipelines and offer a wider range of talent and new team members.

Engagement Opportunities

Provides engagement with the local community, offering development, networking, and support to the local area allowing businesses to increase the companies profile and turn greater profits whilst helping their community to grow professionally.

How does it work?

 Students let us know their areas of interest and chosen careers progression and then we approach you on their behalf. Once students are linked to your placement offer, you will be provided with their contact details.

Students accepted by you then attend your site for the arranged period. Working hours are to be

arranged between yourself and the student, however we assume a 7 hour day is worked

What Our Employers Say about Work Experience

“These students are not only learning how to use state-of-the_art equipment, but actively contributing to the success of our internal broadcasts – all whilst improving their confidence and crucially learning to communicate with adults and adjust to the world of work. ”

Mike Ashton Colleague Experience Partner Travel Counsellors, Manchester